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Rocket Axxonu

Rocket Axxonu Rocket Axxonu said:

And, that’s it for this scene. In the end, I think this was kind of an overambitious one to try to adapt to comic-form, but it was actually the very first sequence I pictured back when I was first considering starting on this project. So I’m excited to have actually gotten to the point of doing it.

For the next scene we’ll be briefly returning to Book 1, Chapter 20: The Golden Siege Part 2. In which Admiral Bato, fleeing from the site of his attack on Shao, the dragon who grants firebenders the power of destruction, runs into an unexpected enemy. (Also another overly ambitious scene, which I’ve been putting off since The Blue Spirit chapter.)

I don’t have a set schedule for putting out new pages, as I like to work on pages of scenes in batches, but if you would be interested to know what progress has been made most recently on a scene, I try to keep this page on the Avatar Wiki updated periodically: https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Fanon:Distorted_Reality If I do settle on a specific release date for a coming scene, I’ll post an update in the News section here.

2/22/2020, 9:03 AM


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